Can I book a session?

No. I’m not a ProDomme, but I do session with my owned subs. this is non negotiable.

Can I book you for a model shoot?

Yes, use my contact form and I’ll get back to you.

How can I become your sub?

Officially I’m no longer accepting new subs. However, if you think you can persuade me; Talk to me. Be honest. Know who I am and what I stand for. Be respectful and polite in your approach. And I expect a Tribute if you’re really serious about this.

How much do I have to pay?

Not more than you can afford. I don’t expect you to go hungry and cold. You tribute what you can, as much or little as you can. But I think it’s really hot when you hurt a bit financially, just to please me.

How long have you been doing this?

About 6 years. I only started my online business 4 years ago, but I’ve been doing FemDom privately for about 8 years.

Can I be your live in sub?

NO. I don’t want a stranger living with me. I don’t care what you have to offer, it’s never going to happen.

Can I meet you irl, or is this online only? 

I aim to meet my subs irl, yes. I love doing sessions in person. However, I don’t meet anyone right away. You’ll have to earn my trust first. That may take months. So you’ll have to serve online first, before you can think about meeting me